Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'll take my Lincoln Towncar now please.

I have officially joined the league of old lady drivers everywhere.  
Let me preface the explanation with a few facts...

I love my car.
The Sentra usually gets anywhere from 28-32 mpg.
Today on a road trip from Hoover to Mobile (and back again) I got an impressive 36 miles per gallon!

Wanna know how I did it?

I drove the speed limit.
Wild, isn't it?

I usually max out around 78-80 mph while on the interstate.  I never drive over 80 (intentionally).  So pulling back to 70 mph was not a drastic cut-back.  But because I did cut back I made it from 60 miles South of Montgomery to my apartment on a quarter of a tank!

Crazy, huh?

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Eleanor said...

This is one of my Green Things! I'm amazed at how much farther I can go on a tank of gas when I drive the speed limit even just in town, and not 5 MPH over...

It means leaving for work a little earlier, and pissin' off everybody behind me, but tough noogies. I figure everybody behind me is saving gas, too. ;-)