Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Go ahead, yawn now and get it out of the way...

So first off I'm a terrible wife for not blogging about our 1 year anniversary sooner but let me just say this... I might just have the sweetest husband ever!  I was absolutely blown away by the wonderful book that Luke gave me!  It has photos from our entire first year or marriage and a few sweet words from the hubby as well.  I can't wait to show it off the next time I see everyone!  We were able to visit with Brooke and Justin (our friends from college who now reside in Lansing, Michigan) and (of course) Cassie and Jacob.  Justin is in law school and Brooke has taken a job with PI.  Cassie and Jacob live right up the road, but we still don't see them often enough.  It was nice to spend our anniversary with a few of the folks who were there at the original celebration.  It was like a mini-reunion!
On to more dull matters...
I have been working like a fool for the past few weeks (thus, no blogging).  I spent a few days in our corporate city, Charlotte, NC for a managers meeting.  Believe it or not, Christmas starts in a couple of weeks and we are all getting geared up for the madness.  Patton Creek is not doing as well as I would like and that has been uber frustrating.  We are not nearly as busy this year as we were last year and that is making our financial budget nearly impossible to beat!  So if any of you are looking for reasonably priced portraits from a really enthusiastic photographer... give me a call!
I found out on Wednesday that I needed to travel to Jacksonville, FL again this week and then found out on Saturday that I was staying home... roller coaster city!  I would have been travelling with one of my associates from Montgomery who was taking the management position in Jacksonville.  Well, my boss decided I should stay home and focus on my own struggling studio and send someone else with her instead.  I must admit I was a little relieved. phew!  Today I found out that my replacement in Montgomery quit today and the associate that would have been taking Jacksonville was coming back to Montgomery.  So needless to say things have been a little crazy but I'm just taking it one day at a time.
Luke is working late tonight and I have the apartment to myself (with the orange puff-ball, of course).  It's no fun coming home to an empty apartment.  Now I know how Luke feels all the time!
I know this is probably the most boring blog ever, but here it is... an update... finally...
I can't wait to hear from all of you soon!
Happy Blogging!