Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Exciting Developments...

Let me start by saying that some of us (namely me) suck at this whole blogging thing. I love reading everyone's updates but for some reason I NEVER update my own blog (in case you haven't noticed). Then again, my husband updates three or four times a day so I am pretty much covered... right?

Moving on...

We have been busy! We are officially moved in to "The Garden District" and seem to be settling in just fine. I like the new place a lot. It actually seems bigger with all of our stuff inside than it did completely empty! We have had to get creative on storage because of the limited space. I bought lifts for the bed so that we could store most of our folded clothes underneath in plastic bins. It really seems like it will work perfectly. On the down side we almost have to make a running leap at the bed to make it in at night.
We decided against renting the stackable washer/dryer for the closet in the living room and as it turns out we couldn't have managed any other way. So just to give some fair warning, some of you (you know who you are) may be seeing us on laundry day. I promise we'll bring beer or wii or whole wheat boboli crusts (depending on the generous homeowner of the week)!
Our fine feline companion is also settling in quite nicely. He has been more affectionate than ever in the past few days. I think he really likes it here!
This afternoon we made a trek around the Capitol Heights area scouting homes. It was a lot of fun, but there are definitely some real fixer uppers around that neighborhood! Here are a few of the places we liked...This on has a beautiful, recently re-done back yard/porch area... but it is only a 2 bed 1 bath!

Probably the best looking "fixer upper"... as in it has the most potential to be really pretty.
This one is at the upper reaches of our budget (as in spam for breakfast, lunch and dinner), but MAN its pretty!
This house is not in Capitol Heights, but it is actually in our price range and on our street (historic marker included!)... but will it still be available when we're ready to buy?!

Needless to say we aren't ready to buy juuuust yet, but it is fun to look. There are a few more things that need to fall into place before we're ready to move again, but I have no doubt that now that we're back in Montgomery it's all gonna work out.

Just a couple more things...

1. I have the best in-laws ever. Transient or not I always feel at home when I'm with them.

2. How awesome is movie night going to be?!

3. I had the good fortune of meeting the two sweetest babies ever! Lily and Harper are truly a gift from God! (Luke kinda freaked, but we even got to hold them!)

4. We're baaaaaack!

So... we are going through a pretty exciting time now! The future seems very bright! And I am so happy to be home!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

So excited I can hardly stand it... but trying to play it cool.

Luke keeps telling me to try and not be "too" excited because nothing if for sure just yet...but... I can't stand it!

I just found out yesterday that the Montgomery PI is in need of a manager and we may be moving back home!!!!!

As some of you may have already heard I have been up for one of the upcoming regional manager positions with my company.  Unfortunately to accept either of these positions we would have to move to Philadelphia or Phoenix.  Which for obvious reasons we didn't want to move that far away from home.  So we were faced with the decision of what to do next.  I accepted the Hoover studio with the understanding that I would quickly move up the food chain and become upper management.  Then priorities began to shift.  We started to realize that, well, we like it in Alabama.  Also, we started to think about buying a home and eventually starting a family.  Well, we just didn't want to do those things so far away from our family and friends.  But unfortunately we didn't have jobs in Montgomery (where we eventually wanted to end up).  So we were stuck in Hoover.  Luke and I have agreed that we feel that Hoover has seemed like a place that we are visiting, even though we have been here for almost a year.  Our apartment is nice but feels like an extended-stay hotel.  All and all we just haven't planted any roots here.
Then I find out that I could be back in the Montgomery studio in under two weeks!  One job in Montgomery down one to go! Neither Luke or I wan him to leave Axcan, but the chance to move back home seems too good to be true.  I just don't know if we can pass it up!  We have been really considering buying a house and neither of us want to commit to the Birmingham area for a minimum five years (to build enough equity to sell).
We haven't heard the definite 'yes, pack up and move', but the possibility... yipee!
We will have to think long and hard about job opportunities for Luke, but (I think we're on the same page) it is worth it.
Please keep us in your prayers.  I know that the potential problems that could be incorporated in such a quick move seem small in the grand scheme of things, but they are big to us.  Overall, I'm excited and nervous, but... I can't wait!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

It is done.

So, SJP I am not, but I love my new hair!  The photo doesn't even due it justice.  I think this may be the best hair cut I've ever gotten.  Thank you to everyone who posted/encouraged me to do it!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

An opinion please...

Please ignore for a moment that this is a teeny picture and I totally edited her hair to make it brown instead of blonde...

I have been debating a new haircut.  That being said, I could be easily convinced to go for the just-a-trim-because-I'm-growing-it-out route.  But I think that this may be a cute option.  My adoring husband won't vote, because he says it should be 'whatever I want'.  But I'm just a big ol' girl when it comes to these things and I need some honest opinions (and no, this is not shameless comment pandering!).

I'll take my Lincoln Towncar now please.

I have officially joined the league of old lady drivers everywhere.  
Let me preface the explanation with a few facts...

I love my car.
The Sentra usually gets anywhere from 28-32 mpg.
Today on a road trip from Hoover to Mobile (and back again) I got an impressive 36 miles per gallon!

Wanna know how I did it?

I drove the speed limit.
Wild, isn't it?

I usually max out around 78-80 mph while on the interstate.  I never drive over 80 (intentionally).  So pulling back to 70 mph was not a drastic cut-back.  But because I did cut back I made it from 60 miles South of Montgomery to my apartment on a quarter of a tank!

Crazy, huh?

Monday, April 28, 2008

Do I wear the orange hat with the green scarf or the blue beret with the gold broach?

Our trip to London is quickly approaching and I must admit my biggest concern (now that the flight and B&B is booked) is what to wear! The last time I traveled over seas it was to Italy and Greece, and lets face it, I had no hopes of fitting in there! Too pale and too low fashion. Everywhere we went it was 'American? I can help you!' Not Canadian, Australian or even British... American. I'm not saying that I'm not 'proud to be an American', but there is something to be said for submersing yourself in a culture and... not sticking out like a sore thumb! Now finally I'm going to a place that pale skin and frizzy hair isn't too abnormal. Finally!
The travel book that Luke picked out suggests bringing all types of clothing (year round). This way, you may dress for the temperature and not be perceived as a rude American, by complaining about it being too hot or too cold. I get it. That's a great idea. But I have this little thing that I like to call 'over-packers disease'. Once I get started I can't stop! Some where deep down I think that I am part boyscout or something. I can't stand not 'being prepared'. I have to have a sweater in summer and short-sleeves in winter. I'll definitely need my dressy jeans and my casual jeans... my skinny pants and my I-had-one-too-pints-at-that-last-pub pants... But where does it end? I also have to take into consideration that I have to get through security/customs twice (each way). Fortunately I don't have a wardrobe entirely comprised of liquids and gels, but still... my blow dryer looks like a weapon! Speaking of which I need to get an outlet converter or else I really will be aiming a deadly weapon at my head...
I really want to go shopping for new things. I want to get a new hair cut. But then again I want to save my money for the trip! What is a girl to do? I may have one idea...

Monday, April 7, 2008

Quotable Quotes

I just picked up a copy of Still Life With Woodpecker by Tom Robbins.  After the dedication and before the prologue there are a couple of quotes, one of which I just love.  It got me thinking.  What are some of your favorite quotes?

Here's the one that I read:

"You don't need to leave your room,
Remain sitting at your table and listen.
Don't even listen, simply wait.
Don't even wait.
Be quite still and solitary.
The world will freely offer itself to you.
To be unmasked, it has no choice.
It will roll in ecstasy at your feet."
-Franz Kafka