Saturday, May 31, 2008

So excited I can hardly stand it... but trying to play it cool.

Luke keeps telling me to try and not be "too" excited because nothing if for sure just yet...but... I can't stand it!

I just found out yesterday that the Montgomery PI is in need of a manager and we may be moving back home!!!!!

As some of you may have already heard I have been up for one of the upcoming regional manager positions with my company.  Unfortunately to accept either of these positions we would have to move to Philadelphia or Phoenix.  Which for obvious reasons we didn't want to move that far away from home.  So we were faced with the decision of what to do next.  I accepted the Hoover studio with the understanding that I would quickly move up the food chain and become upper management.  Then priorities began to shift.  We started to realize that, well, we like it in Alabama.  Also, we started to think about buying a home and eventually starting a family.  Well, we just didn't want to do those things so far away from our family and friends.  But unfortunately we didn't have jobs in Montgomery (where we eventually wanted to end up).  So we were stuck in Hoover.  Luke and I have agreed that we feel that Hoover has seemed like a place that we are visiting, even though we have been here for almost a year.  Our apartment is nice but feels like an extended-stay hotel.  All and all we just haven't planted any roots here.
Then I find out that I could be back in the Montgomery studio in under two weeks!  One job in Montgomery down one to go! Neither Luke or I wan him to leave Axcan, but the chance to move back home seems too good to be true.  I just don't know if we can pass it up!  We have been really considering buying a house and neither of us want to commit to the Birmingham area for a minimum five years (to build enough equity to sell).
We haven't heard the definite 'yes, pack up and move', but the possibility... yipee!
We will have to think long and hard about job opportunities for Luke, but (I think we're on the same page) it is worth it.
Please keep us in your prayers.  I know that the potential problems that could be incorporated in such a quick move seem small in the grand scheme of things, but they are big to us.  Overall, I'm excited and nervous, but... I can't wait!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

It is done.

So, SJP I am not, but I love my new hair!  The photo doesn't even due it justice.  I think this may be the best hair cut I've ever gotten.  Thank you to everyone who posted/encouraged me to do it!