Tuesday, November 13, 2007

JOY to the world

So...Montgomery, Memphis, Orlando and Tuscaloosa... phew!
Needless to say, I've been traveling again.  It has been a busy couple of weeks, but good none the less.  I'm really enjoying my new position as a 'traveling manager' but it can be a bit exhausting.  Its just being away from home that is exhausting.  I never really relax unless I can sit on my couch with my husband and maybe, just maybe watch a little Designing Women on the the dvr.  I'm home now, thank goodness, and the prospect of traveling out of state (again) is still looming somewhere in the not-so-distant future, but I am going to enjoy it while I can.

Christmas started the week before Halloween for me.  We have a fully decorated six foot Christmas tree in our first camera room complete with presents, a fire place and rug.  'Just like your own living room! hehe!' ...sigh.  I really do love my job (most days), but my lord!  Do people have to become even more obnoxious to celebrate the season of Christ's birth?  It is supposed to be 'the most wonderful time of the year' and people just get more crabby and pushy than ever before.  They suddenly become the only people on the planet who have families to feed and presents to buy.  'But you don't understand? I have a child! Why should I have to wait fifteen minutes after my appointment to have my portraits taken?!'  First off ma'am everyone here has a child.  And that is exactly why we are running fifteen minutes behind schedule!  Secondly, I'm sorry we don't have any more cards that have 'merry Christmas' on them, but I didn't design them!  Besides, would you like to explain to me why you had to have your pictures next to our fully decorated tree complete with presents, fireplace and rug for Christmas?  I think maybe just maybe next year you should dress up your family in nativity costumes, and every one will know exactly how pure and christian your family is at Christmas!  Little Billy can be the baby Jesus, daddy can be Joseph and you can be the ass!  
I really do love Christmas.  I love my family.  I love the gifts and, God knows, I love turkey, but come on!  I know, I know... my business would be nearly as booming if it weren't for the holiday rush, but seriously... give a nickle to the Santa in front of Wal-mart, share a fruitcake and have a little more patience for those that serve you.
I think my favorite Christmas tradition came from the Lucas family.  On Christmas eve after church they go to the local Waffle House in their Christmas finest, chow on some delicious greasiness and tip the waitress (who God love her is working on Christmas eve!) one hundred dollars!
Okay, so maybe I'm venting a little to early in the season, but ya know, when Christmas starts before Halloween and lasts after the new year its hard to stay jolly.  Maybe it will help when my family (Luke, the kitten and me) begin our own holiday festivities.  But even then, I don't want to 'rock around the Christmas tree' until after thanksgiving!  Oh well, this is my third Christmas with PI and they are always interesting if nothing else.  I love being busy, I love seeing my bonus grow and, believe it or not, I love to see happy customers!  So here I go again... 'Its the most wonderful time of the year...'


Eleanor said...

LOL -- I think those of us who work in retail should be allowed to celebrate Christmas in January! Nothing gets me out of the spirit more than unpleasant customers.

What a sweet thing to say about the Lucas Family tradition! As you know, we don't have just a ton of those, so I'm glad the one we backed into that stuck has made an impression on you!

HANG IN THERE -- and don't forget that y'all are under NO pressure from us during the holidays -- you do what you need to do to stay sane, and if celebrating together later in the 12 Days of Xmas works out better (and less stressfully), that's a definite thumbs up!

Nick M. said...

I too think the Lucas family tradition at the "Wa-Ho" is fantastic. I too echo Mama L's sentiments about 'no pressure' to have the holidays together but just know that you have some peeps on Chappelle Lane who are hoping that you and Mr. L get a chance to come play with us over the holidays.

And if the holidays start to get too much here are the remedies available for you on DVD (in no certain order): Scrooged, Christmas Vacation, and A Christmas Story